Vocabulary Cards and Grammatical Forms Summar

Vocabulary Cards And Grammatical Forms Summary For Wheelocks Latin

Richard A. Lafleur, Brad Tillery,
?«Vocabulary Cards and Grammatical Forms Summary for Wheelock’s Latin?»

Bolchazy Carducci Pub | ISBN: 0865165572 | 2003-10-01 | PDF | 877 pages | 8.42 MB

“Repetitio est mater memoriae (repetition is the mother of memory): these vocabulary cards allow students an easy way to memorize Latin vocabulary words as they appear in each chapter of Wheelock’s Latin, one of the most popular first-year Latin books of all time. Students can memorize Latin to English or English to Latin, and use the cards to help them memorize the full lexical forms of the Latin vocabulary words. These cards make vocabulary review a snap! A convenient cross-index of cards helps students locate the number of a particular card; a summary of grammatical forms from Wheelock’s Latin allows students faster and easier access to these references while studying.”

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