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This is the wonderful, tumultuous, heartfelt  story of Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri–the  story of a rich Harvard jock and a wisecracking  Radcliffe music major who have nothing in common but  love . . . and everything else to share but time.  Funny and flip, sad and poignant, Erich Segal’s  magnificent novel will grab you, hold you, and stay  with you forever. You, like more than twenty  million others, will fall in love with Love  Story.

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-For “.001″ extension Use “HJSplit” to extract the movie.
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-For “.a00, .a01, .a02,…, .alz” extension, Use “ALZip” to extract.
-For “.vnw” extension. Now rename set of files to “.rar” and use “WinRAR”

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