Konkatsu Battle Royale (2010) DVDRip 300MB

Konkatsu Battle Royale (2010) DVDRip 300MB Download Movie Mediafire Links : In 2015, the Japanese economy has collapsed due to global recession. While unemployment rates are over 35 percent, 150,000 people commit suicide every year. In such conditions, a TV program, 24-hour Marriage Battle Royale, skyrockets to unprecedented fame and popularity, where people are set on fire on camera. It’s the ultimate in extreme programming, an ordeal of marriage hunting where women in debt play games to marry famed celebrities abroad, with the losers facing humiliation and could be death.

Info : Konkatsu Battle Royale (2010) DVDRip 300MB

Info: Japanese Movie

Release Date: 2010

Genre: Drama

Cast: Shôko Hamada, Megumi Hatachiya, Rika Kawamura, Eri Konno, Yoshimi Hamasaki, Ayaka Tomoda, Nobu Morimoto, Hiroaki Matsuzawa, Yûki Ishida , Takeshi Nagato , Masaki Yoshida, and Satoshi Mikami.

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